EasyDIY OpenSource Ebike display

This display is OpenSource and easy to DIY, and was tested with Bafang M500/M510/M600 EBike mid drive as also TSDZ2 Ebike mid drive motor running our OpenSource firmware.

Main screen showing battery SOC, speed, motor power and battery power used (TSDZ2 version):

Configurations screen, showing some battery configuration options (TSDZ2 version):

Main advantages of this display


On the last years we developed OpenSource firmware for popular cheap EBike displays and we found some hard limitations:

Project philosophy

How to build

See here How to build the display - TSDZ2 version.

See here How to build the display - Bafang M500/M510/M600 version.

Operating Instructions

See here How to use the display (TODO)

Community help

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