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Alternative Wireless remote design

This is an alternative wireless remote design for EBikes and/or GPS bike computers like the Garmin Edge.
If you do not want to build your own, you can purchase on the market EBike remote controls. ie: the Garmin EBike Remote for about 80€.

However, our wireless remote control is considerably less expensive (costs 20€ in materials) and offers several additional features for EBike control.


Re-design Considerations

Although the original 3D printed case design has a number of very good features, (ie: it is very compact on the handlebar!), I wanted to redesign the enclosure to add a number of features that I find useful. Note, the design choices made were for my use of the remote with my e-bike and you were may find the original design more to your liking.
Please choose the design that works for you.

The thoughts that went into the re-design are as follows:

Installed on the handle bar:

How to build the wireless remote

You will need the following components:

Optional components:

Step by step instructions

1 - Flash bootloader on the nrf52840 board - see the page: How to Flash the Wireless Bootloader on a Nordic Dongle

2 - Build your board - solder all the wires following this schematic. (use cr123 battery where it shows cr2032 battery)

Do not solder any wires to the battery, it would be dangerous. Simple solder to the battery clips and insert them into the case


nrf52840 board pinout: Pinout

You MUST cut the SB2 and solder the SB1 pads on the bottom of the board:

3 - Build your enclosure - 3D print the enclosure and assembly.

3D print the STL files (can be printed in PLA and at 0.2mm layer height) All files are located in the stl directory

4 -Assembly:

disassemble the wired remote by unscrewing the assembly from the bottom

Save all the screws - you will need them later!
Remove the keypad from the VLCD5 as follows:

Gather the parts needed for the assembly:

Push the brake wire throught the lower assembly and secure the wire with a small zip tie.

Solder a breadboard jumper cable to the end of the brake wires to allow for removable connections to the nrf52840 board:

Solder all connections to the nrf52840 board:

Snap the top remote cover on the bottom case:

Screw in the button keypad:

Using the four screws from the original vlcd5 remote, screw in the button cover:

Insert the tie wraps thtough the bottom case:

The final result mounted to the handlebar:<br)>

4 Flash firmware on the nrf52840 board using the wired connections - see the page: How to Flash the Wireless Remote and Motor Controller Firmware

5- Test - Make sure the TSDZ2 wireless board if off. Power up the remote board and the firmware will blink the LED (LD2) with red color attempting to connect to the TSDZ2 wireless controller.

Yet another possible re-design of the 3d enclosure

As a final note, I have been considering another redesign which would seperate the VLCD5 remote and the wireless electronics box. This would have the advantage of reducing handlebar space and simplifying assembly.
In this approach, the original VLCD5 remote would be mounted as usual, and the wire from this remote as well as the brake wires would be fed into a box containing the nrrf52840 and battery. This box would then be mounted to a garmin forward mount system like this:
Please comment on the forum if you would like to see this implemented.